Lead Generation

Generating leads is the lifeblood of any business and in an increasingly noisy world it is arguably more difficult than ever before. Like everything in SaaS most elements are interrelated. Lead generation is significantly easier if the product delivers exceptional value to a particular audience. Similarly, lead generation on it’s own is not enough. Leads need to be highly qualified (quality) in a SaaS world where lead velocity (quantity) is a key priority. Vendors are all too keen to help SaaS companies part with their hard earned cash to acquire leads. Building a sustainable model means that the lead generation process is rigorous and there is full visibility as to whether acquired leads are profitable, converting and staying around.

Ensuring any sales compensation is aligned with these elements is more important than optimising on volumes, a reality that many SaaS businesses learn to their cost.

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How to build a lead generation machine at a startup

Over the last decade, I have spent 4 years working for marketing agencies driving direct sales for clients and the most recent 4 years working with startups to generate leads. I have managed to boil my lead generation flow down to a smooth, always-on, scalable system that operates and drives new leads 24/7.

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5 lead generation ideas to help you increase your website’s conversion rates

It’s been years since the power’s shifted away from marketers and advertisers and in favor of Internet consumers. Now more than ever, people are empowered to choose their own experiences online. They’re actively avoiding ad content — and instead of living by advertisers’ rule books, they’re deciding what to click on, what to read, what to download, and what to buy … and what not to.

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3 tactics to instantly gain more b2b leads

If I could sum up the greatest desire of most entrepreneurs and business owners, it would be this: I want more leads. Unfortunately, the process of gaining B2B leads is not easy. Some niches are notoriously difficult to penetrate.

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