Design has always been an important element of software development. However, in the days of shelf wear, installations, switching costs and lock-in it was often the poor relation. SaaS transformed the relationship with the customer as power shifted and the ability to cancel became a mere click away. Design and UI/UX are to the forefront of all successful SaaS applications.

The following resources represent some of the key SaaS design pieces helping shaping leading SaaS businesses.

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The Ultimate Guide to Launching a Product Redesign

Product redesigns are moments of accomplishment and celebration for product teams. But with change comes anxiety for many users. Julia Chen lists a collection of the very best tips to launching a product redesign, along with some great examples.

Your loyal users usually don’t like product UI changes, and it’s completely logical. They invested time to learn your product. But when done well, product redesigns give users more value and provide fresh opportunities to re-engage churned customers and attract some new fans.

One of the listed examples in the article is the recent redesign of Dropbox. Dropbox did an excellent job in getting the message and roll-out right. Influencing Redesign from Ed Chao is also worth a read. Rob

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Design principle: Error & Forgiveness

Making errors is an integral part of the way we humans live. As Designers, we must have that in mind when designing. Our designs must be aimed at preventing errors happening.

As designers or SaaS founders we can’t assume our users know how to use our product. They test it. We can use the knowledge our users have from other products and designs. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use already established usability patterns to reach your user’s goals. Rob

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What makes a design seem ‘intuitive’?

The biggest challenge in making a design seem intuitive to users is learning where the current and target knowledge points are. What do users already know and what do they need to know? To build intuitive interfaces, answering these two questions is critical.

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Don’t build your product without knowing your customers first

If you don’t have any customers, it’s hard to figure out what they want and where to start. If you start building your product too early, you risk building for the wrong customers. That’s why you need to learn more by researching your customer.

While this article is not directly related to design, the key takeaway is if you don’t know who your ideal customer is, you can’t design (build) a product that solves your customer’s pains. Always take the time to research your audience. Rob

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