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Inbound marketing is a form of marketing that was initially synonymous with Hubspot but is now mainstream for all B2B marketeers. The goal of inbound marketing is to create ‘remarkable content’ i.e. content that gets noticed and talked about. As greater numbers of prospects search online for their own solutions to challenges they may have it is important for marketers to demonstrate value through the creation of content assets ( i.e. blogs, white papers, case studies) that help to educate, inform and in some instances humor prospects.

The following represent some of the key SaaS resources relating to inbound marketing.

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The State of SaaS Content Marketing 2019

Original research analysing the content marketing strategies used by 500 of the world’s biggest SaaS companies, including performance benchmarks to help you understand how your own content is performing.

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Ten Tips to Make Sure You Are Not Wasting Your Time Creating Content

Content creation represents a key activity for most marketing professionals. The playbook is pretty well understood — create compelling content and use it as a means to generate leads and to attract new business.

However, the reality is that in most instances the execution is poor, meaning that content fails to deliver on its potential.

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How we Measure Content at ChartMogul

It takes a TON of energy to get the content marketing wheel moving; months or even years of effort, without much in the way of a return on your investment. But once you get the wheel moving and things really start to pick up speed, the momentum of the thing is massive. The power of the whole operation becomes almost unstoppable. This is Content Marketing — the long game. It can take years to see the fruits of your hard labor.

This article gives some great insights into measuring the effectiveness of content. At ChartMogul they focus on engagement as a key metric viewing content as primarily a brand building exercise. It is also clear that they also view it as a long term commitment something that is not always compatible with more pressing short term demands of CEO’s and Sales leads looking for a more immediate return. Alan

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Why You Should Kill Gated Content Once and for All

One Harvard Business Review report showed that your chances of qualifying new leads drop 400 percent when it takes longer than five minutes to follow up with them.

Smith argues that gated content is no longer as effective as it once was. This is undoubtedly true - but I would argue is also the case with most B2B marketing techniques we use. We are all competing for attention. Yet this is a scarce resource and it is getting harder to cut through the noise. He is in effect arguing for a broader B2B based marketing strategy some of which includes brand exercises which have largely been neglected in a world where measuring the effectiveness of campaigns comes down to KPI’s. Alan

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Conquer keyword research with these 10 tools

While some people cringe at the thought of this, others have a variety of tools and strategies in place for achieving success. There is no denying the fact that keyword research is part of an advanced SEO strategy. Even so, that doesn’t mean the process has to be long, drawn out or costly.

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The uncensored guide to promoting a blog post

If you don’t promote, you’re going to end up wasting a lot of the hard work that goes into the content of your awesome web site. On top of that, people won’t be able to take action on the advice provided in your blog posts!

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A framework for maximizing startup marketing effectiveness

At a board meeting last week, one of the VPs of Marketing I’m lucky to work with presented a brilliantly simple way of explaining the evolution of a startup’s marketing tactics. I’ve drawn a diagram of the idea above, which borrows heavily from McKinsey’s 3 horizons.

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The importance of segmentation for your SaaS startup

As your startup scales, customer segmentation can become an important tool for the entire company, just like it was for Best Buy. Personas anchor product design and development, marketing and sales, and even customer success to tangible user archetypes. Personas define the company’s strategy of which customers to pursue and which not to.

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