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Why Service is The Most Important Part of SaaS

Too many startups focus on the first S in SaaS, but they forget all about the second one. When software and service aren’t equal priorities, it’s impossible to build a successful company.

Retention is Hard, and Getting Harder—Here’s Why

In this article, Brian Balfour covers the three main reasons why retention is getting harder: increased competition, channel fatigue, and the rise of tech monopolies. If you’re building a startup, it’s a worthwhile read—so you don’t fall into the same trap.

What I found most interesting about this article is that it covers the stages of the user lifecycle where retention is most difficult: onboarding, habit formation, and long-term engagement/retention. It shows the process for systematically improving retention in spite of the challenges.

How to choose the right UX metrics for your product

If you want your product’s design to be informed by large-scale data, it really helps to have metrics that reflect the quality of the user experience, and that map closely to your main goals.

The author, Kerry Rodden shows how to use some useful methods to help choose and define appropriate metrics to inform your design decisions. I honestly haven’t heard of the HEART framework before, but I found it a very interesting UX research method. Worth the 7 min read.

The Importance of Product Market Fit

What is Product - Market Fit?

Product-market fit is a phrase used to describe the point at which there is broad market acceptance for a new application. In recent years many startups have embraced the lean startup methodology as espoused by the likes of Eric Ries and Steve Blank....

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Top Marketing Apps for B2B SaaS Startups

There is no shortage of applications available that can help marketers operate more effectively. The following represents a list of some of the more popular ones that offer strong benefits to B2B SaaS marketers. Most come with entry level solutions so you can use before committing to a paid subscription....

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