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How Innovative SaaS Companies Leverage Pricing and Packaging to Beat the Competition

In this article, the author Kate breakdowns how two leading SaaS companies (Intercom and Zendesk) have shifted to providing more custom offers to niche customer segments on their pricing pages.

More B2B SaaS companies are recognizing a shift in customer demand and offering their products and features “à la carte”. This is an excellent resource helping B2B SaaS startups think about how they can tailor specific offers to target sets of customers rather than offering all customers the same generic packages.

How Smart SaaS Businesses Measure Churn and Retention

In this guest post Nicholas Holmes argues that although customer retention is commonly seen as something that exists only in the SaaS world, business leaders have recognised the importance of a loyal customers for decades, and sometimes they have valued it to an even greater degree.

If Acquisition is Easy, Retention Can Be Too

Keating argues that the simplest way to understand retention is to take Brian Balfour’s advice and to break retention into three stages:

  1. Early retention: new users need to be onboarded into important actions in your product

  2. Mid-term retention: existing users need to be engaged to go deeper into the product and build habits that stick

  3. Long-term retention: seasoned users need to become loyal customers through constant realization of value

Why Retention Is The Silent Killer

Poor user retention has become the silent killer. In this post, Brian Balfour walks you through the three key ways that companies go wrong when it comes to retention:

  1. They deprioritize retention altogether
  2. They define their retention metrics incorrectly
  3. They don’t measure engagement

The Importance of Product Market Fit

What is Product - Market Fit?

Product-market fit is a phrase used to describe the point at which there is broad market acceptance for a new application. In recent years many startups have embraced the lean startup methodology as espoused by the likes of Eric Ries and Steve Blank....

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Top Marketing Apps for B2B SaaS Startups

There is no shortage of applications available that can help marketers operate more effectively. The following represents a list of some of the more popular ones that offer strong benefits to B2B SaaS marketers. Most come with entry level solutions so you can use before committing to a paid subscription....

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