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How to increase the value of your SaaS business

SaaS valuations have been in the epicenter of the hottest and most ambiguous debates among small business entrepreneurs, investors and advisors for years. With SaaS valuations currently ranging between 3 to 6 times annual SDE, the ultimate difference can be significant to the business owner.

Product Demand Intelligence Podcast

The only podcast dedicated to Product Demand Intelligence, featuring discussions with leading SaaS & product folk on how to build products that drive the growth of your organization.

Churn It Up - Customer Success Podcast

Listen to tips and tricks from the best and brightest in the world of Customer Success.

This podcast turns attention to CSMs about the day to day projects they manage, and ideas they have on how to make CS easier for everyone.

The Angel VC: WTF is PMF? (part 1 of 2)

Product/Market fit is a fascinating topic that has huge implications for SaaS startups. In this two part series Christoph Janz of Point Nine Capital offers his thoughts on the topic.

This is a key topic for SaaS startups and Christoph does a great job explaining what it is, how to think about the topic and he also gives some pointers so you can assess whether or not you’ve actually achieved product/market fit. Alan

The Importance of Product Market Fit

What is Product - Market Fit?

Product-market fit is a phrase used to describe the point at which there is broad market acceptance for a new application. In recent years many startups have embraced the lean startup methodology as espoused by the likes of Eric Ries and Steve Blank....

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Top Marketing Apps for B2B SaaS Startups

There is no shortage of applications available that can help marketers operate more effectively. The following represents a list of some of the more popular ones that offer strong benefits to B2B SaaS marketers. Most come with entry level solutions so you can use before committing to a paid subscription....

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