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One Email List, Multiple Products: How to Orchestrate Your Campaigns

Let’s say you run a portfolio of five Shopify apps or nine Trello power-ups. You’d love to leverage email marketing for your SaaS business, but your brain is on fire. Five separate email lists is obviously overkill.

What’s the best way to organize your email marketing? How do you cross-sell between multiple SaaS products, run multiple onboarding campaigns, and not upset, confuse, or lose your customers?

This guide will show you the way.

User Onboarding: the Ultimate Guide for SaaS Founders

Here’s a shortlist of things each founder should know about SaaS user onboarding. You’ll adopt the right mindset, learn the key principles, leverage your existing resources, and craft the perfect onboarding campaign.

50+ Best SaaS Podcasts for Startup Founders

Looking for your next favorite show? Here’s a collection of 50+ top SaaS podcasts for you. The shows are arranged by category, and include links to popular podcast listening apps.

The hierarchy of user friction

Often the focus is on perceiving only the most basic forms of user friction and often not on the higher-level forms of friction users face. Sachin Rekhi outlines a hierarchy of three types of friction and explains what happens at each level. This is a great read for anyone (designers and beyond) who works on their company’s product.


Indeemo is the market leader in mobile ethnography, a form of online qualitative research that helps researchers elicit rich insights from respondents. Used by 1000’s of major brands around the world, Indeemo’s software makes remote qualitative research accessible to all. Available in 10 languages, with enterprise grade security the mobile apps enables respondents to capture rich video footage of real life behaviours helping companies to better understand their users, and healthcare providers to better understand their patients.

The Importance of Product Market Fit

What is Product - Market Fit?

Product-market fit is a phrase used to describe the point at which there is broad market acceptance for a new application. In recent years many startups have embraced the lean startup methodology as espoused by the likes of Eric Ries and Steve Blank....

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Top Marketing Apps for B2B SaaS Startups

There is no shortage of applications available that can help marketers operate more effectively. The following represents a list of some of the more popular ones that offer strong benefits to B2B SaaS marketers. Most come with entry level solutions so you can use before committing to a paid subscription....

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