The world of SaaS is relatively immature, however we are seeing the emergence of a number of leading commentators who are helping demystify the topic. SaaS businesses create unique challenges. Ensuring your team grasp the various nuances of SaaS businesses is of paramount importance for your success.

The following commentators represents a list of some of those bloggers who we believe consistently produce high quality SaaS content.

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SaaS Genius Blog

B2B SaaS Marketing Blog from SaaS Genius - Growth strategies for marketing, sales, revenue and scaling SaaS companies.

Blog curated by Tom Gorski to accompany the SaaS Genius Software site. Alan

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ChartMogul Blog

The ChartMogul blog is jam packed with lots of great SaaS content from case studies to best practise guides.

Check out their extensive range of cheat sheets designed to help CMO’s navigate the complexities of SaaS KPI’s and Metrics. Alan

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SaaS Weekly

Hiten Shah compiles a weekly newsletter of useful links for those interested in SaaS.

The weekly newsletter has a US bias (like many SaaS blogs) and has simple categories ranging from business to marketing to sales. Alan

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The Predictable Revenue Blog

Aaron Ross wrote the bestselling book Predictable Revenue, and has been teaching companies how to double or triple (or more) new sales since he helped Salesforce grow from $5m to $100m.

Great sales tips for those working in SaaS. Alan

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The Angel VC

Christoph Janz of Point Nine Capital shares his views on a range of SaaS topics.

Christoph is one of the leading SaaS thought leaders in Europe. His Five Ways to Build a $100M Business remains one of my favourite SaaS posts. Check out his recent posts on Product-Market Fit also. Alan

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Software by Rob

Rob Walling is a serial entrepreneur who shares what he’s learned in over a decade as a self-funded startup founder (mostly focused on SaaS).

Excellent practical insights deep diving on everything from reducing email abandonment to setting up goals in Google Analytics. Alan

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SaaScribe was created in 2015 by Alex Theuma, a member of the SaaS Community, who was looking for a SaaS Startup focused publication. It was created as a publication that was community driven to complement the wealth of great content that’s already being published by company blogs and VCs.

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