Big Companies Don't Churn. They Quit You.

Big Companies don’t churn. They Quit You. Big Companies take months and often years to make business process changes. Big Companies take months to train their employees on new processes and systems, and the last thing they want to do is re-train them every year. Big Companies want to dial-in processes that work, and then at least leave them in place for 3-5 years if possible, and move on to the next challenge they have to deal with.

Great advice from Jason Lemkin on managing customer success with larger clients.

  1. Set aggressive “net negative churn” goals. 120%+ for your Larger Customers.

  2. Do Structured, Formal CEO-level customer check-ins 60 days after Go Live

  3. Map out every stakeholder, and get to know them all.

  4. Understand that products don’t jump Silos without help — not usually.

  5. Immediately rank the Risk Level of each customer immediately after they sign, and update all your top accounts here every month. You’ll know.

  6. Get on a jet

  7. The less your product is used, the more at risk you are. Period.


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